Introduction to React Native

October 2, 2023

React Native is a cross-platform mobile framework created by Meta. It enables you to build mobile apps using the JavaScript programming language and the React framework.

Why Consider React Native?

  • Cross-Platform: With React Native, you can develop apps for multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, and web, using a single codebase. This approach reduces the differences between platforms, allowing you to share business logic and UI.

  • Cost-Effective: Building apps with React Native can be cost-effective. You can create minimum viable products (MVPs) or larger applications with smaller teams because you're covering multiple platforms.

  • Ecosystem Integration: React Native apps can leverage packages from NPM, the largest package repository. Additionally, you have the flexibility to use or create packages that connect to native device APIs, such as the camera and sensors.

  • Easy Updates: React Native facilitates over-the-air (OTA) updates, enabling you to update parts of the app independently of the slow app store review process. Since JavaScript is used to run the app logic, bundling and shipping new versions becomes more straightforward.

  • Scalability: Onboarding new developers, especially those from React or JavaScript backgrounds, is quick and easy. Web developers form the largest pool of hireable talent on the market.

Who Uses React Native?

React Native is not limited to any particular business sector. You can find applications in various industries, including eCommerce, social media, fintech, and more.

Some prominent companies that build apps with React Native include:

You can explore more React Native apps in the showcase.

How Does It Work Under the Hood?


React Native, which is built upon the React framework, operates using a JavaScript codebase for executing the app's core logic.

Unlike other cross-platform development frameworks, React Native renders native components by invoking platform-specific APIs.

Where Can I Learn More?

If you don't have prior experience with React or JavaScript, I would advise you to learn the fundamentals of these technologies before diving into React Native.

If you are already familiar with React, you can start with the following documentation:

Staying Updated with React Native Changes

To keep up with changes in React Native, consider the following sources:

  • Follow React Native developers on platforms like Twitter.
  • Listen to podcasts, such as React Native Radio.
  • Subscribe to weekly newsletters that provide updates on React and React Native news, like This Week in React.